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The Battle For Jerusalem

October 18, 2006

Pardes Dressed In Blood

I dreamt.

I was at the shul in town, which in the dream, was both a shul and a house. In reality, it is a former church building.

I was there attending what I thought was going to be a shul service with my “baby” [1]. The other women were in the kitchen, quietly doing dishes and intensely doing things, like one might do for pesach. But, it wasn’t pesach. I wasn’t sure why they were doing what they were doing. It all had a “stepford wives” feel to it – as if they didn’t know why they were doing what they doing either. They were just doing it because that’s what they had been told to do.

The rabbi peeked in a window checking up on them, for the men. Everyone was towing the line. But me. But, I was tolerated and I was just about to learn why.

Outside on the shul grounds sat some kind of contraption one of the men had built. It killed people in gruesome, violent ways – chopping off heads, piercing, smashing, etc. In the wooded area off to one side of the grounds, was a secret place. In the place were magazines about children in adult ways. An opened page showed a baby with adult breasts pasted onto its chest. Ohmygosh! I had to get out of there, fast. I “saw” that a man in the community had built something from “parts” of babies! [2] I was totally freaked out. Everything there was bloody in my eyes now.

I hurried back into the shul-house and picked up my baby sleeping quietly in the bassinet, trying to hide my newfound fear of whatever was going on there. It was dangerous to arouse suspicion that I now “had a clue”. The ritual preparation taking place was not for pesach, but it was for something important. Important, gruesome and terribly gross. Even ignorant of exactly what ritual was about to transpire, I knew it was not good. At all. And my baby was to be the next victim!

I grabbed up my baby and when I got onto the “porch”, I ran for our lives. A man and his wife became alerted as to my escape and came out onto the porch to try and catch me but I was too far gone for them to “retrieve” me. It was at this point that I saw the couple.

It was an elder couple, well respected in the community. I didn’t recognize the forms in the dream though. They didn’t look like anyone I’ve actually met in shul. They were well dressed, grey haired, fit and professional looking. Their appearances were well kept.

When the couple saw that I had irretrievably escaped, the man said in a “commanding” exasperation, “I am going to finish my work!” Apparently, my baby’s “part” would have been the finishing touch on his “work” made of parts cut out of babies. “Yes!” the wife responded, with her back to him as she stood in front as they both watched the path of my escape, “finish it!” But, she hadn’t fully realized what the man had meant by saying it.

The man, standing behind his wife, pulled out a knife, pierced her from behind with it, and cut out her heart as she stood there in horrified shock before she fell to the floor dead. She had thought “someone else” would be her husband’s victim, as the babies had been. She had been a passive participant in her husband’s “work”.

The act on the man’s part reminds me of a movie I once saw about Jack the Ripper, where near the end of it, a man ritually cuts out a woman’s heart as part of some Masonic ritual [3]. The man’s act was like that. I’ve also read once (in a ritual abuse article) about a Satanic ritual that does the same thing.

I could see that the ends of the blood vessels in the hole where the woman’s heart had been actively came together and formed a “sign”. The sign was similar to a swastika, but it was also a “more evolved” form of a swastika.

The man took the heart he had cut out of his living [4] wife and went to finish his “work” [5]. As he worked in the hidden place, I saw a host of large black bugs the size of large rodents that eat human flesh “arrive” on the shul grounds. The man was doomed. A host of marching dogs materialized too. He was about to be destroyed.

I woke up.

Though I walk through a valley of the shadow of death, I am not harmed … Tehilim 23:4


[1] kruv, “is from Aramaic and means “as a baby.”

[2] The gematria of baby תינוק is 566, the same gematria as “shadow of death” צלמות.

[3] As the poor man murdered in Israel, as described in the link, was descendant of a high-ranking family which helped found the Order of the Knights Templar, this poor female kabbalist is the 6th great grandniece, through my mother’s father, of American founding father and statesman Benjamin Franklin, a freemason. So, they want my pure heart and and would spiritually cut it out of me alive to get it. No wonder I can’t get a decent job and have been economically destroyed over the past decade. I have never supported the liberal line that Jerusalem should be under “international” control. I’m known to be too much of an Israeli at heart in this area. May my poverty shine like a badge of honor in heaven among the angels and into the eyes of Hashem!

[4] not as a burial ritual, the heart was cut out while the oman was alive

[5] The work: “A spokesman for Militi Templi Scotia, the Scottish Knights Templar, admitted to the Sunday Post, ‘We are currently involved in an attempt to remove control of the holy sites of Jerusalem from the Israeli government. We believe they should be administered by the United Nations and are working with the UN and Nato to achieve that goal’.”


Bandaids & The World Of Warcraft

September 7, 2006

Rabbi Brody at Lazer Beams concludes regarding a computer game that seemingly destroyed a marriage:

The World of Warcraft is more dangerous than the Hizbulla any day of the week; Katyusha’s couldn’t destroy Elaine’s home in California, but the World of Warcraft could! Don’t say you weren’t warned.

The fact of the matter is that no computer game can destroy a marriage. Addictions are the symptom of some deeper problem. If the marriage hadn’t been destroyed by the husband’s “computer game addiction”, it would have been destroyed by something else.

One can’t cure a heart problem by putting a bandaid on a surface wound (i.e., by prohibiting computer games). Likewise, one doesn’t cure overeating by prohibiting food. To overcome addictions one teaches/learns techniques of moderation regarding “the physical and emotional appetites” as a lifestyle, in parallel with seeking to identify and to treat the underlying issue giving life to the addiction.

Uncovered And Into The Light

September 7, 2006

Given the current controversy regarding the butcher who sold putatively treif chicken and the seeming ubiquitous nature of “character assassinations” of those the community doesn’t like for some reason within the Jewish community, I don’t see how anyone could disbelieve me when I claim that my life has been destroyed by unknown enemies.

The difference between this guy and I is that while the guy knows the reason for the attacks against him (he sold putatively treif chicken), I have no real clue as to the reason my life was destroyed. Of course, I do have a clue as to the underhanded methods that can be used to destroy lives. Just this week, I have evidence that my yahoo email account (publicly listed on this blog) was hacked and messages were sent (on Sunday and Monday, apparently) to Avielah Barclay from that account that I did not send. I don’t know what the messages said, because there is no copy of the two messages in my sent box (to which I received an automated reply from her email to the effect that she was away from her desk). Underhanded acts like this are despicable. Totally despicable and reprehensible.

I am publishing this in compliance with the halachah of din rodef, as publishing it is my only weapon of defense.