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Chotem Hamithapech

September 14, 2006

אמר ר’ נחוניא בן הקנה כתוב אחד אומר

Bahir line 1

There are 8 words in the first line of Sefer HaBahir – where 8 signifies a gateway into the transcendent realm of binah, the union of aur yashar and aur chozer, and the power to enter into the mysteries of Torah. Eight is also the numeric value of the hebrew letter chet ח, the letter of life and the “living name” shem chai שם חי. 

ש total gematria of the line = 2116

2116 => 2 + 1 + 1 + 6 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1 => the first sefirah keter-malchut, the crown of the yud

ם adding in the letter beit ב of the word rav רב, the total gematria of the line = 2118

2118 => 2 + 1 + 1 + 8 = 12 (the age of bat mitzvah) => 1 + 2 = 3 => the 3 partzufim of keter and their descent into the mochin* consisting of the triple configuration of chochmah, binah and da’at

now in da’at, the attribute distinguishing Moshe, the light is further brought down into the lower 7 sefirot and into the revealed world, and gathered together as a unified coherent expression of malchut

what’s cooking in the air of Liorah’s cafeteria 

האBrew Cauldron


Categories Of Gematria

September 4, 2006

Ideal Form: chelek hamishkhal1

numerical equivalence between two words where each word also has the same number of letters; subcategories include chelek hachibur and chelek haperud where some letters may be combined or separated to form other letters

9 principle ways1 for calculating word values:

1. mispar hame’ugal (the round number, mispar katan, cheshbon za’ir deChanoch2)

all tens and hundreds are reduced to single digits 1-9;
ק = י = א = 1

2. mispar hakadmi (cumulative value, mispar kidmi)

each letter is the sum of the values of all the letters from alef to that letter, inclusive; א = 1, ב = 3, ג = 6, etc.

3. mispar hechrachi (normative value)

simple sum total of the normative values of the letters, אחד = 13

4. mispar musaphi

same as mispar hechrachi except for also adding to the sum-total of the word the number of the amount of letters in the word אחד = 16, or adding the kolel (1 for the word as a whole) אחד = 14

5. mispar hameruba haklali

squaring of the mispar hechrachi, אחד = 132 = 169

6. mispar hameruba haperati

squaring of the individual numbers, אחד = 12+82+42 = 81

7. mispar shemi (miluy)

numbers of the names of the letters, filling in the letters where aleph (א) is the number (111) of its name, אלף; such that אחד = 953

8. mispar hamispari

sum of the numbers spelled out as words; echad,one (13) + shemonah,eight (395) + arba’ah,four (278) = 686 = אחד

9. mispar hamispari hagadol

combination of #7 and #8; each letter is spelled out fully (miluy) and that equivalent number is spelled out which in turn has a numerical equivalent;

y 10 י + yod 20 יוד + esrim 620 עשרים
so, in this system י = 650

Additional methods1,3,4 of calculation:

10. mispar gadol3 (the great number)

five final letters have values 500 (kaf), 600 (mem), 700 (nun), 800 (pey), 900 (tzadi)

11. mispar kaful

multiplying letter-units instead of summing them

12. mispar temuri

taking the gematria of a permutation4 of the original word


1 Spice Of Torah – Gematria, Gutman G. Locks; Pardess Rimonim 30:8, R. Moshe Cordovero
2 Zohar III:251a; Tikunei Zohar 10:26a
3 Aruch, s.v. at-bach; Rashi on Sukah 52b, s.v. at-bach; Chochmat Shlemoh, Maharshal on Sukah 52b
4 via alphabetic transformations (Chilufei Otiyot), for example

additional references:

Sefer Abudraham, R. David ben Yossef
Gematria, The Mathematics Of Torah
Types of Gematria Table