Kabbalah Of The Pentacle

כ” בשבט תשס”ז

The spacial directions of Sefer Yetzirah 2:3 are rooted (first expressed in a distinguishable fashion) in tiferet/zer anpin as continuums between pairs of sefirot which make up “the six” sefirot of tiferet/zer anpin – [chesed-gevurah (S-N), tiferet-yesod (E-W), netzach-hod (Up-Down)]. Kabbalistically, chesed (S) is likened to water, gevurah (N) to fire, tiferet to alef (air/E), and yesod (W) to earth through “ateret hayesod” which is the root of malchut (earth). These spacial directions correspond to the 4 “lower points” (N-S, E-W) on the pentacle and to the encompassing circle (up-down). The top “spirit point” of the pentacle corresponds to ateret hayesod, the root of malchut. Malchut is represented by the letter hey in the middle of the pentagon center of the pentagram.

Note: These directions are based upon Sefer Yetzirah and Zohar and differ from traditional Wicca. I am a non-Wiccan witch, and don’t want to confuse anyone on account of the difference with respect to the pentacle directions.


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