Shining Brilliance

In followup to my previous entry, Double Blessings, also posted on my blog Contemplating Sefer HaBahir, I wrote regarding the double portion of blessings received at the level of keter, and imparted via the ritual circle-casting of HaMasovevet המסובבת. The double portion of blessings via keter is associated with the double portion of the letter beit ב in the root.

In addition to the doubled letter beit in masovevet, my circle name Lleucu has a doubled letter – two letters “L”. The letter “L” in Hebrew is the letter lamed ל. Given the significance of the doubled beit/v to masovevet, I explored the kabbalistic implications of the doubled lamed/L in Lleucu (the secret of amen), which stands as the first part of the ritual title: Lluecu HaMasovevet. And this is what I found:

R’ Yitzchak Ginsburgh of The Inner Dimension teaches:

The two identical letters in kallel and challel are the lameds. In Kabbalah we learn that the double lamed is the secret of the heart. King David writes (Psalms 109:22):

and my heart is like a corpse within me

King David had killed his evil inclination, leaving a “positive corpse.” In place of his evil inclination, he had created a vacuum in his heart, leaving it wide open for G-d’s transcendence to enter. In the Torah portion of Emor, both challal and kallel are negative. Both are states of the heart. Challal is the vacuum of G-d in the heart, while the curse, kallel, stems from that very vacuum. Thus we see that vacuum and curse are interdependent.

By working on the character traits of his heart with intensity, King David rectified the negative challal, transforming it to a receptacle of G-d’s transcendence, a sanctification of His Name.

This positive transformation of the double lamed is evident as a “shining brilliance” (how appropriate following an entry on my Bahir blog). R’ Ginsburgh further writes regarding the double lamed:

In Ezekiel 1:7 kallal means shining brilliance. The positive vacuum of the heart (challal) creates space for the new (chadash) manifestation of G-d’s transcendent omnipresence (kodesh). This produces the shining emotive experience of the heart (kallal).

Blessed be, amen.


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