Day 2 – Monday Correspondences

Monday – Day 2
Please note, these correspondences have been adapted from several sources and may differ from traditional astrological correspondences. All designations follow the planet for the day according to Sefer Yetzirah.

Symbolic Language & Mathematics

Celtic ogham letter –
Hebrew letter – ג
number – 3
permutation – גבד כפרת
vowel – sh’va
“42”-letter name – קרע שטן

Astrological & Metaphysical

space/planet – Mars
Hebrew name – Ma’adim מאדים
Sumerian name – Gugulanna
Egyptian name – Set
Babylonian name – Nergal
orbit cycle – 687 earth days or 1.9 years (spends ~57.3 days in each sign)
retrograde periods – every 26 months for 10 weeks (70 days)
satellites – 2 moons, Phobos & Deimos (14, 7 miles diameters, respectively)
degrees moved on average day – 0.5 degrees/day or 30 minutes/day
channel – binah to gevurah
sefirah – gevurah
mazal/rulership – scorpio/aries (akrav/taleh, עקרב, טלה)
firmament – Rakia
earth – Adamah


Hebrew archetype – Yitzchak
Celtic archetype – Tiw
Germanic archetype – Tiew
Greek archetype – Ares
Roman archetype – Mars
seal/archangel – Samael, Kamael
malachim – Shamaiyel, Berekhiel, Ahaniel
mythic animal – dragon


concept – reward & punishment
soul – right ear
gift – wealth, love
direction – north
color – red
basic energy – action
basic mystical energy – war, change
element – fire
metal – iron
tree – holly/tinne
incense – pine, cypress, rue, peppercorns, allspice, basil, hops
oil – allspice
gemstones – bloodstone, ruby, garnet
mundane animal – ram, owl, scorpion


basil, nettle, chili pepper, rue, gentia, wolfbane, patchchouli, hellebore, mustard, garlic, ginger


blood, wickedness, strife, external injury, war, hatred, jealousy

Energy Keywords

assertive, combative, constructive, courage, defiant, destructive, dynamic, energy, expressive, fearless, force, frank, heroics, impulsive, leadership, passion, self-reliant, spontaneity, violent, will-power


physical power, courage, victory in war, strength, haste, danger, anger, vitality


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