Kingdom Of Shadows & Gates

I am still in process of building my Hall Of Records. Right now, it contains a Kingdom of Shadows, nine Grimoires (gates) and a Scroll Of Dreams – for a total of 11 “categories”. Eleven is a prime number and represents uniqueness.

Eleven Gates of Etz Chai

Below is the list of the eleven 2-letter hebrew roots [1] I have currently chosen to represent the gates to the categories in my Hall of Records:

Kingdom Of Shadows – הא – behold, being, exist, she, he, it


1 (purification) – בו – lift, come, in it, move from public to private domain, entrance

2 (persecution) – רמ – elevate, targeted movement, pomegranate

3 (symbolism) – טפ – measuring with one’s hand, attach, writing board, measured steps

4 (mindcraft) – שז – look, braid, link parts together, impact

5 (timecraft) – נס – miracle, prove, challenge, test, anointing, consecrating, raise signal, webbing, pour into a particular place, travel, ascend

6 (wordcraft) – כל – everything, all, complete, restrain, contain, sustain

7 (toolcraft) – דג – standard, signal, multiply, rally

8 (ritualwork) – תק – repair, complete, straight, ready, power, authority

9 (nite rites) – עצ – concentrate energy toward a goal, strengthen, exercise authority

Scroll Of Dreams – חי – full of life, vitality, healthy, living, chayah & yechidah, shem chai


[1] A 2-letter hebrew root is called a sha’ar (gate). See Sefer Yetzirah 2:4. There are eleven 2-letter arrays which correspond to the sefirot as they “exist” in the Universe of Tohu. The eleven “unique arrays” have both a “front” and “back” – corresponding to the prophetic reverse vision of ra’oh and chazah.


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