Ineffability Of A Jewitch

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I have also been asked what I mean by “Jewithc”. To clarify what I mean when I write that I am a Jewitch (as opposed to Wiccan). I’m not sure I can define exactly what a Jewitch is. I’ve stated that I’m not Wiccan (though I am a “witch”) because I don’t follow traditional Wiccan practice and I have no desire to deceive anyone in that regard – just as I don’t call myself orthodox or reform Jewishly (though I am Jewish). I value authenticity and integrity. For those looking to understand strictly Wiccan witchery, my writings are likely not for them.

I really don’t follow any kind of strictly traditional practice. I’m creating my own kind of Jewish witchcraft – which at this point, is a blend of Jewish kabbalah, witchcraft and shamanism. Consequently, I feel the best “label” to describe me is Jewitch. I’m following my soulpath, where ever it takes me.


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