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Mysteries Of The Flame

November 15, 2006

וכבשה The fire of a candle flame is a low-temperature partial plasma (Plasma Physics). A candle flame, as a low-energy partial plasma, is a subdued form of the high-energy complete plasma characteristic of the feminine “cauldron of mastery“. Candlelighting (hadlakat nerot) is one of the 3 primary mitzvot entrusted to women. These facts taken together suggest that one of the “reasons” for the mitzvah of candlelighting is to provide a connection toward observing the command of Bereshit 1:28 – to subdue, transform and master the feminine energies of malchut (ha-aretz). כבשן


Cauldron Of Mastery

November 15, 2006

Glowing blue plasma streaming upwards from the central electrode of a plasma lamp. (PlasmaPhysics)

Be fertile and increase, fill the land and master וכבשה it … Bereshit 1:28

The hebrew word for cauldron כבשן comes from the shoresh (root) כבש meaning to “subdue”, “master”, “transform”, “furnace where material disintegrates” and “spider” [1].

From the root כבש comes the keyword to the mitzvah to transform and master the land (ha-aretz, malchut) as commanded in Bereshit 1:28. Note, וכבשה in the pasuk begins with the letter vav ו and ends with the letter hei ה. Vav-hei וה is shorthand for the soul of mashiach (messianic consciousness) [2]. Consequently, the command is to transform וה into mastery ן, as evidenced by the transformation of וכבשה into כבשן.

Interestingly, recent details recurrent in my dreams includes the concepts of “plasma“, things/people “disintegrating” as in a nuclear event, the presence of a nightrobe, and spiders. Indexing my dreams, I found that the two colors my nightrobe has taken in the dreams are pink and blue – like in the plasma pictured above.

Disintegration corresponds to the processes of purification ו and transformation ה, which precede “mastery” ן (active reorganization of structure).

In addition to the root letters, כבשן cauldron has a nun-sofit ן, where the final nun implies a perpetual continuity, like the threads connecting the details running throughout all of my dreams. In other words, the transformation and mastery emanating from the cauldron are ever-evolving.

All of these dream details taken together are signs pointing to the shamanistic presence of the power of the female “cauldron energy” in my life. Torah validates it.

In harmony with Torah, Celtic shamanism teaches that the cauldron כבשן represents:

the source of limitless food
the source divine knowledge, wisdom and inspiration
the source of the ability to revive the dead
the source of transformation and mastery of consciousness

From plasma figure below, we can also see how the root כבש also acquired the meaning “spider”. The raw energy of the plasma below is harnessed and transformed in the plasma above.

(Plasma Energy)

רבי יוחנן אמר משיצרפם בכבשן ריש לקיש אמר משיצחצחן במים
Bava Metzia 84a (בכבשן “in the cauldron”, Schottenstein-Artscroll)


[1] Etymological Dictionary Of Biblical Hebrew, R’ Matityahu Clark

[2] Studies In Ecstatic Kabbalah, Moshe Idel

Kingdom Of Shadows & Gates

November 7, 2006

I am still in process of building my Hall Of Records. Right now, it contains a Kingdom of Shadows, nine Grimoires (gates) and a Scroll Of Dreams – for a total of 11 “categories”. Eleven is a prime number and represents uniqueness.

Eleven Gates of Etz Chai

Below is the list of the eleven 2-letter hebrew roots [1] I have currently chosen to represent the gates to the categories in my Hall of Records:

Kingdom Of Shadows – הא – behold, being, exist, she, he, it


1 (purification) – בו – lift, come, in it, move from public to private domain, entrance

2 (persecution) – רמ – elevate, targeted movement, pomegranate

3 (symbolism) – טפ – measuring with one’s hand, attach, writing board, measured steps

4 (mindcraft) – שז – look, braid, link parts together, impact

5 (timecraft) – נס – miracle, prove, challenge, test, anointing, consecrating, raise signal, webbing, pour into a particular place, travel, ascend

6 (wordcraft) – כל – everything, all, complete, restrain, contain, sustain

7 (toolcraft) – דג – standard, signal, multiply, rally

8 (ritualwork) – תק – repair, complete, straight, ready, power, authority

9 (nite rites) – עצ – concentrate energy toward a goal, strengthen, exercise authority

Scroll Of Dreams – חי – full of life, vitality, healthy, living, chayah & yechidah, shem chai


[1] A 2-letter hebrew root is called a sha’ar (gate). See Sefer Yetzirah 2:4. There are eleven 2-letter arrays which correspond to the sefirot as they “exist” in the Universe of Tohu. The eleven “unique arrays” have both a “front” and “back” – corresponding to the prophetic reverse vision of ra’oh and chazah.

Ineffability Of A Jewitch

November 7, 2006

Visit my newest blog – Craftwork Of A Jewitch

I have also been asked what I mean by “Jewithc”. To clarify what I mean when I write that I am a Jewitch (as opposed to Wiccan). I’m not sure I can define exactly what a Jewitch is. I’ve stated that I’m not Wiccan (though I am a “witch”) because I don’t follow traditional Wiccan practice and I have no desire to deceive anyone in that regard – just as I don’t call myself orthodox or reform Jewishly (though I am Jewish). I value authenticity and integrity. For those looking to understand strictly Wiccan witchery, my writings are likely not for them.

I really don’t follow any kind of strictly traditional practice. I’m creating my own kind of Jewish witchcraft – which at this point, is a blend of Jewish kabbalah, witchcraft and shamanism. Consequently, I feel the best “label” to describe me is Jewitch. I’m following my soulpath, where ever it takes me.

Da’at Torah Emet

November 3, 2006

שנאמר ורחבה מני ים
Sefer Habahir, verse 3 excerpt

Traditional interpretation: “As it is written (Iyov 11:9), ‘It is wider than the sea.'”

The entire phrase has a gematria 953, and digit sums of 17 and 8.

The value 17 corresponds to tov טוב, the primordial light hidden away for the righteous in the “future to come” (that is, in Binah).

The value 8, from the perspective of Will, corresponds to the sefirah Hod. From the perspective of Action, 8 corresponds to the sefirah Binah.

Taken together, these two digit sums immediately connect together the ideas of tov, binah and hod. Kabbalistic tradition (R’ Yitzchak Ginsburgh) teaches:

The spiritual service of teshuvah begins at the level of binah, “understanding,” and concludes with the healing of hod, as the prophet says: “And his heart shall understand [binah] and he shall return and be healed [hod].”

This phrase contains a prophetic assay for ascertaining if the process of teshuvah has been completed. Having concluded the process, binah and hod are sealed with tov (פ).