Nesi’at Hafachim

Dealing Death To The Shadow Of Death

There is no reshus harabim in this world, but there will be in the future to come … Resh Lakish

In the next half of the previous dream, my bashert and I were in our private home, a reshut hayachid [1], together. I was washing the dishes in the kitchen sink. He was wandering about the house doing other things.

While I was washing the dishes, a baby old enough to hold a bottle of milk on its own, was sitting in a baby seat on the floor behind me, nursing on a bottle of milk. (I didn’t bottle feed any of my kids in real life.)

My bashert wandered into the kitchen. I was finished with the dishes and turned around to see the baby seat overturned, and the “stuff” that had been with the baby (blanket, bottle, etc.) scattered in the corner. The baby had disappeared irretrievably into thin air.

Oh well. We can always make a different baby [2].

In the first dream “half” in the karmelis, the deathly-white spider was ripped in half. In this dream “half”, in our private domain, the “baby”, where the value of baby in hebrew is equivalent to “the shadow of death” [3], irretrievably disappears. Consequently, the two “halves” of the dream represent a progression whereby “death is removed” from our experience together. A progression from reshut harabim to karmelis to reshut hayachid is also evident in the dream. The dream was distinctly separated into two “halves”; the first half having both the reshut harabim and the karmelis in it, and the second half only having the reshut hayachid in it. I’m still thinking about what this detail might mean.


[1] Interestingly, in the previous dream, there was a thin wall which separated the “karmelis” (located on my left) from the community home (located on my right), which in my mind, was a reshut harabim. The idea formed in my mind that it was a reshut harabim. This article helps me to understand why I saw it that way (as a reshut harabim). A detail of my dream which I didn’t mention previously, but which was nevertheless present, is that the main room was open on both ends (Resh Lakish). The main room in the previous dream was mefulash – open at the “up” and “down” (Netzach and Hod, Sefer Yetzirah 1:13) positions in space (relative to me).

[2] kruv, “is from Aramaic and means “as a baby.”

[3] The gematria of baby תינוק is 566, the same gematria as “shadow of death” צלמות (Tehilim 23:4).


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