Itta & The Secret Of Yayin

As I’ve written previously at Walking On Fire, the website:

We can understand ishah אשה to represent woman in a generic sense , a woman without name, a woman without a deep sense of her own personal story. In contradistinction to ishah, itta אתתא represents a woman with a deep unique true sense of her own personal story, a woman who has expressively claimed her deepest unique true identity and destiny – her unique name.

Itta is a woman who has awakened to essential personhood and writes in her own name. Thus, itta is a woman with a name, a unique name – this is the crown of a good name, a keter shem tov, the fourth crown. The four ketarim are represented by the four heads (of the letter shin) joined and brought together into the present world through itta, the holy four headed shin of the future world.

The presence of the light of the future world (represented by the four headed shin of Hashem) in the present world (represented by the three headed shin of Elokim) reflects actualized oneness of Elokim and Hashem, a oneness perceived beyond the eye and brought through the very center (תת) of itta’s being into reality like a secret wine of awareness. Awakened awareness acts as a vehicle through which the primeval light of creation is channeled into existence. The primeval light of creation is the light hidden and revealed with and between the lines and letters of our Holy Torah. The sod of Torah is the inheritance of itta.

Yayin, the Hebrew word for wine has a gematria of 70, the same gematria as sod, the Hebrew word for secret. Yayin is a mysterious word of unknown etymology. It is a word found in both ancient Semitic and ancient Indo-European language families. Scholars [ref. How The Hebrew Language Grew, Edward Horowitz] tell us that this ancient word for wine, yayin, may have been borrowed by both ancient language families (Semitic and Indo-European) from a common now lost or unknown language. Thus, the secret of yayin is rooted in prehistory and is key to awareness and to understanding the inner essence of a primeval shared language – of a shared story brought out like an exodus of prehistory into history. This is the inheritance of itta, an inheritance redeemed and brought forth into being through rectification of the primeval feminine energy.

The light of awareness which shines from the darkness of prehistory is the “more” light and truth unsealed and opened toward expression which comes from the hidden Essence of G-d. The two letters tav in the center of itta “gives” release to expression of rectified primordial knowing into history. Thus, itta represents completion of the rectification of the tree of knowledge.


2 Responses to “Itta & The Secret Of Yayin”

  1. Robert Hendrix Says:

    Isn’t the true Hebrew spelling of yayin, y-a-y-e-e-n? Does yayin mean fermented or unfermented wine? What about yayeen?

  2. liorah Says:

    Yayin in Hebrew is spelled “Yod yod nun-sofit” [יין].

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