Argamannu, Bridging The Mind & Heart

Fred at On The Main Line writes regarding the etymology of the hebrew word for purple:

Talmudists or people who actually read Daniel (ch. 5:7) know that Hebrew argaman, ארגמן, purple, is Aramaic argavana, ארגוונא.

As I’ve written previously at Walking On Fire, the website:

Argaman is a hebrew word derived from the akkadian word argamannu meaning purple. Argamannu itself contains a synthesis of two sanskrit adjectives for red, (i.e., two kinds of red) ragamen and ragavan.

Woven together, these adjectives may directly derive from the PIE (proto-indo-european) ancestor to both semitic and indo-european language families, and represent the point of initial bifurcation and eventual reunification. Consequently, argaman (purple) represents the mystical link unifying the semitic (heart, blue) and indo-european (head, red) faculties, and within its history, is the secret of yayin, the rectification of da’at & the elevation of tiferet.

The difference between ragamen and ragavan is mem-vav, 46, and/or b/veit-mem, 42 (yocheved), bereshit bashalom, veshinantam levanecha vedibarta bam.

“By speaking in them (bam) from beginning (bereshit of the written torah) to end (bashalom of the oral torah), one reveals one’s innate spark of moshiach.” [R. Ginsburgh, The Hebrew Letters, on the letter beit, p. 42]


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