In Velt Ouis Velt

ומנלן דהתורה נקראת ברכה
Sefer HaBahir, verse 3 excerpt

Traditional interpretation: “How do we know that Torah is called a blessing?”

The next letter following the revelation of Yenon, is the letter dalet ד. Talmud uses dalet as an Aramaic prefix meaning “that”, “which”, “from” or “of”. One example of this is the phrase mitzvah doraitah (mitzvah “from the Torah”). Thus, the word דהתורה – literally means, “of the Torah”.

Dalet also represents the tetragrammaton. Consequently, what we have here in the word דהתורה is the Torah and Hashem in perfect Unity.

The proto-Canaanite letter dalet is called digg, like Hebrew dag, both meaning fish. Curiously, the letter nun ן of the previous word ומנלן, also means fish. Fish connects the lamednun (meaning “to fish”) of ומנלן to the word דהתורה, creating the situation where Hashem, the Torah and the “lamednunnik” are also in perfect Unity, where the fish swims in the endless (דהתורה) Divine Essence through dalet, yet simultaneously remains connected to “apportioned” reality (ומנלן) through nun.

in velt ouis velt – in the world and out of the world


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