Razin Setimin, Shayish

וחזרה לבהו ומאי בהו דבר שיש בו ממש דכתיב בהו בו הוא
Sefer HaBahir, verse 2 excerpt

Traditional interpretation: “… has substance. This is the reason that it is called bohu, that is, bohu – ‘it is in it’.”

Liorah’s interpretation: “(tohu) iterates into bohu (chaotically) and then again differently iterates. Bohu (confused elements) combines into one (big bang) the fiery existence (QGP) in it tangibly, compressing and inscribing the chaotic elements in it, bringing (them) into being.”

On Four Who Entered The Pardes:

Rabbi Akiva said to them [prior to their ascension]: “When you come to the place of pure marble stones, do not say, ‘Water! Water!’

What is Rabbi Akiva referring to here by “pure marble”? And why not “water! water!”?

One answer: newborn shayish שיש, which is the fiery fluid-like quark-gluon plasma I wrote about in my previous entry, Big Bang & The Quark-Gluon Plasma:

ש indicates fire/flame, while יש yesh means means “something existent”; taken together – a quark-gluon plasma

Literally, the configuration שיש shayish is traditionally translated as “marble”. And it isn’t made of “water”. It’s a fluid-like fiery plasma of hot energy. Mamash!

be still and know כי-אנכי … Tehilim 46:11


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