Nonlinear Mathematics Of Tohu & Bohu

ומאי בהו אלא תהו היתה וחזרה
Sefer HaBahir, verse 2 excerpt

Traditional interpretation: “What is bohu (desolation)? It is something that has substance.”

Liorah’s second interpretation: “And what is bohu, but tohu sent out and iterating.”

ומאי and what is

בהו bohu

אלא but

תהו tohu

היתה sent out (projected out)

וחזרה and ITERATING (repeating repetitively), [1]

Clearly then, bohu is the clarity-producing complexity “in it” which results from the nonlinear dynamical iterations of tohu.



[1] חזרה can mean “return”, “repetition” and/or “rehearsal”, New Bantam-Megiddo Dictionary


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