A Different Spirit

ומאי תהו דבר המתהא בני אדם
Sefer HaBahir, verse 2 excerpt

Traditional interpretation: “What is tohu (chaos)? Something that confounds (taha) people.”

Liorah’s interpretation: “And how is tohu (chaos) something that confounds (taha) people?”

ומאי can literally mean either “and how?” or “and what?”

A deeper understanding of the nature of reality is reflected in my translation of the query. As I’ve written previously on my primary blog regarding A New Clarity, it is tohu which brings clarity, not confusion.

It’s true – it’s called quantum decoherence. In the quantum world, unity (quantum coherence) creates “fuzziness” in the concrete world, not clarity.

In other words, quantum coherence creates the situation where “something” can exist in two places simultaneously, while quantum decoherence creates the situation where something “exists” in a specific place and time, classically.

Ask a physicist, s/he will confirm that this is true.

As above, so below.

So, the question stands – how is tohu something that confounds people? when the reality is that it ACTUALLY brings clarity? Answer: the confusion does not exist as the essence of tohu, but rather, exists in the mind of the one whose understanding of tohu is confused.


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