Hei Mappiq

Regarding my earlier entry, Reconciliation Of Darkness & Light, pertaining to this:

This new unified state of malchut, wherein darkness has been clarified and reunited with tohu va-bohu, is called יאיר. From the shoresh יאר (meaning irrigating body of water), it irrigates the earth with brilliance (like waters cover the sea).

Jaron asked:

Not from the shoresh אור, light?

Yes, that’s right. The way I see it, יאיר isn’t from the shoresh (root) אור. It is from the shoresh יאר, the she’arim (gates) יי אר, and the orach (singular path) ה mappiq (הּ).

Note, יי אר = 221 , the she’arim of David HaMelech (Sefer Yetzirah 2:4).


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