Reconciliation Of Darkness & Light

יאיר כחשיכה כאורה
Sefer HaBahir, verse 1, excerpt of last line

“light and darkness are the same”

“the earth being unformed and void, with darkness over the surface of the deep …” Bereshit 1:2

Darkness (choshech, חשך) was born from the separation of some original unified state (veha-aretz hay’tah, והארץ היתה) into the lights of tohu (תהו) and bohu (בהו), which are chaos and uncertainty, respectively. In other words, from the unity called “veha-aretz hay’tah”, 2 lights and darkness were born.

The 2 lights of tohu and bohu, represent thesis and antithesis. When clarified, darkness represents the “place” of potential synthesis.

Reunification of rectified choshech, tohu and bohu brings into existence the lights (ben Yosef and ben David) of moshiach known as the brightness (reunified choshech va-bohu => tehiru tata’ah) and the brilliance (reunified brightness va-tohu => tehiru ela’ah).

Tohu, from the root תהה is a reaction to uncertainty (bohu, where bohu is from the root בהה); the result of that reaction creates darkness in awareness. The original unified state (veha-aretz hay’tah) is a forward projection (hay’tah from the root יתא) of one inmost essential (ateret hayesod, ט) element of ha-aretz (stable elements of existence, from the root ארץ); where this essential element focuses the blessings of life and “peace between the elements” into certain existence, malchut.

Taking all this together, we can see that “the place” where darkness and light “are the same” (i.e., reconciled in a unified state of peaceful existence) is in malchut, ha-aretz.

This new unified state of malchut, wherein darkness has been clarified and reunited with tohu va-bohu, is called יאיר. From the shoresh יאר (meaning irrigating body of water), it irrigates the earth with brilliance.

“for the earth is filled with the knowledge of G-d like waters cover the sea” … The Laws Of Kings, Yishayahu 11:9


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