Zehira Ila’a & Radical Refocus

no angels or sheidim need apply

Likely as an answering observation to Chaim A.’s multiple email inquiries regarding shin-daleds, Jack-O-Lantern’s entry regarding Selichot Of Darkness, a recent anonymous comment on my livejournal regarding a dream earlier this past year about a spider and shem hameyuchad, and recently beginning new study of Sefer HaBahir, I dreamt.

I אנוכי was in the middle of nowhere (see chalal hapanui), riding as a front seat passenger in a car (i.e., chariot, vehicle) with my mother (who was driving) and my grandmother (who was in the middle of the back seat), traveling at night (see pachad Laylah, Tehilim 91:5) down a deserted country road. Trees of a dark forest lined the road.

Suddenly, the headlights went out and no longer illumined the road upon which we were traveling. It was completely and absolutely dark תא outside of the vehicle. Not a trace of light penetrated the night to light even the outline of the road.

My mother brought the vehicle to a stop (see Sefer HaBahir and “radical shift in focus“). During the stop, the car remained on the road – I could still “feel” (see noge’ah v’eino nogeáh) the road beneath our feet (the wheels of the car), even though we three (ש) inside the car could not see the road. My grandmother mentioned that someone had suggested that there were demons in these woods (like lions and tigers and bears?) and that was the reason for the current absence of light. The demons were outside, she thought.

Ridiculous! I don’t see any demons. Besides, if demons did really exist (which I didn’t believe they did), they couldn’t come near me anyway, so just forget about demons. There aren’t any – just call me Dorothy-Matat (see zehira ila’a, the source of kedushah & the malach “matat”). We can get through these woods!

Here’s the plan, I said to my mother and grandmother – if I go out (see kohenet and 4-headed shin of messianic consciousness) את of the car and step into the darkness תא, I’ll be able to uniquely see אתתא the road. You’ll both be able to see me (for some reason, like the light of the shechinah directly illumines the kinneret, I could “draw” out – given that את comes to add and through Yerushalayim draws out – light from the headlights to illumine me as I walked down the road). I’ll walk down the yellow line in the middle of the road and you (my mother) can drive the car behind me down the road. In this manner, we’ll get through the darkness, back to civilization and home.

And that’s what we did. I got out of the car, saw the yellow line in the center of the road, and walked upon it. The light of the headlights came out and illumined me as I walked. My mother drove and followed in the car behind me and we got through the dark forest, back to civilization and back home uneventfully.

Right before I woke up, I was a visitor in a hospital where my grandmother was getting an EKG and a checkup. “Dr. Dave” came through the door – he and his new family were doing well now, he said. He asked me if I remembered him and seemed pleased that I did. Oddly, there had been a sick physician in the dream of the same night immediately preceding the aforementioned spider dream. He was doing well now since that first dream.

I woke up.

Express in truth, whatever the soul reveals; for with each spark of truth, torches of light assemble, illuminating the whole world, and from such fragments of inner truth will the Great Truth emerge. [Rav Kook, Lights Of Holiness 1:168]


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