A New Clarity

I received an interesting email question from Chaim A. yesterday. Chaim asked:

To the best of your knowledge what will happen to the people in this world who are from the souls of tohu, unbounded cannot integrate with the world of tikkun? Will they be rectified in the end with the world of tikkun when the Moshiach comes? What will happen to these souls?

The question could also be asked – what will happen to those souls from the world of tikkun (olam hatikkun) who cannot integrate with the world of tohu (olam hatohu)?

Neither tikkun nor tohu are “the highest vision for creation” [1], according to R’ Adin Steinsaltz, Nasi of the Sanhedrin in Israel. Moreover, the messianic future is created by synthesizing tikkun and tohu into an existence higher than either one alone. We are engaged collectively as a world of many peoples in doing this during yemot hamashiach.

So, I would have to answer Chaim’s question with the idea that during the time of mashiach the souls of both tikun and tohu will be transformed and elevated into a status greater than either tohu or tikkun can imagine alone.

Also important to note -> it is tohu which brings clarity [2, see zeh זה] into concrete existence. It’s true – it’s called quantum decoherence. In the quantum world, unity (quantum coherence) creates “fuzziness” in the concrete world, not clarity.

In other words, quantum coherence creates the situation where “something” can exist in two places simultaneously, while quantum decoherence creates the situation where something “exists” in a specific place and time, classically.

Ask a physicist, s/he will confirm that this is true.

As above, so below.


[1] In The Beginning, Discourses On Chassidic Thought, R’ Adin Steinsaltz

[2] Note zeh זה begins with the letter zayin ז (representing the 7 lower sefirot which include the world of tikkun ו and malchut ה) joined together with the letter hey ה of binah (representing world of tohu).


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