Sod Ha-Ibbur & Infusion Of The Messianic Soul

אמר ר’ נחוניא בן הקנה כתוב אחד אומר
Bahir line 1

There are 27 כז hebrew letters in the first kav of the first pasuk of Sefer Bahir. With the missing letter beit ב in the word (‘ר) rav רב included, there are 28 כח (koach) letters.

From this we can see that the power to actualize the potential כ hidden in Sefer Bahir rests with the “woman of valor”, through the letter zayin ז.

She carries the “power” (koach) to build the house ב which completes the line.

27 is also the gematria of:

א hatovah הטובה
מ pure זך
ר will be glorified אכבד

Multiplied together (b’koach) through these 3 equivalences (27 X 3), אף (anger) is (through the 4-headed shin of binah) doubly transformed (= 81) into the ability to designate the time [1,2] כסא (sod ha-ibbur) from the throne of glory הנכבד, drawing the light of atzilut down into created reality. In other words, in the first line of Sefer Bahir, we also find a woman’s power to actualize the bestowal and infusion of the messianic soul upon and into her husband.


[1] the shoresh כסא carries the meaning “designating time”

[2] sod ha-ibbur, in addition to referring to Divine emanation, refers to the intercalation of time as per the hebrew calendar


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