Uncovered And Into The Light

Given the current controversy regarding the butcher who sold putatively treif chicken and the seeming ubiquitous nature of “character assassinations” of those the community doesn’t like for some reason within the Jewish community, I don’t see how anyone could disbelieve me when I claim that my life has been destroyed by unknown enemies.

The difference between this guy and I is that while the guy knows the reason for the attacks against him (he sold putatively treif chicken), I have no real clue as to the reason my life was destroyed. Of course, I do have a clue as to the underhanded methods that can be used to destroy lives. Just this week, I have evidence that my yahoo email account (publicly listed on this blog) was hacked and messages were sent (on Sunday and Monday, apparently) to Avielah Barclay from that account that I did not send. I don’t know what the messages said, because there is no copy of the two messages in my sent box (to which I received an automated reply from her email to the effect that she was away from her desk). Underhanded acts like this are despicable. Totally despicable and reprehensible.

I am publishing this in compliance with the halachah of din rodef, as publishing it is my only weapon of defense.


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