Ari By The Nile

I found the one link that was messing up (and deleting) the entire entry Running On Regalim when I tried posting it on one of my other blogs. Interestingly, it was the link I had for the word “river” (pertaining to the Nile) from the Ascent Of Tzfat website.

When I looked up a replacement link with a URL Yahoo 360 (the blogsite that would not accept the river link that blogspot, wordpress and livejournal all accepted) would accept, I found a link that spoke about the Ari learning by the side of the Nile. This struck me as interesting because, between two words that I could have chosen for the word locker in the entry describing the dream, I chose the word ארונית over the word נועל from my dictionary because of its similarity to the word aron (ארון and my experience, Epiphany In The Closet In 1967).

The shoresh of the word I used for locker is from the same root (ארה) as lion (אריה), where the Ari is commonly called the Holy Lion.

So, how is this interesting? The “error” in the link emphasized some connection between the river, Tzfat, the Ari and the aron (hakodesh, the locker) flowing through my dream. I corrected the error in that link. In other words, I made a tikkun.

The tikkun I made reminds me of some story I heard once about a cat who meandered into the beit midrash. The tzaddik in the room addressed it saying something like “you can go now, I’ve given you your tikkun.” I don’t recall the exact story, but that is the essence of it. The “error in the link” was like that cat seeking a tikkun.

I think this is a good example of Divine Providence and “redeeming an error”.


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