Amidah Between The Pieces: Staff Of Moshe

Part 1: The dream I dreamt.

Simply, I saw a man throw a snake down the back of my shirt (see levushim) as I rested. It wiggled to align itself with my spine. I jumped (see kefitzah), lept up (see dilug) quickly and pulled it out by its mouth.

Then, “I” (ani<->ein) was, simultaneously acting in the form of my son (see bohu, arich anpin) and observing purely (see taharah) without form (see tohu). In the form of my son, I took the snake and held it out in front of me to see it as I stood (see amidah). Like a crocodile (tanin, see Regarding Dinosaurs) wrestler (see Moshe and the Snakes and Par’o, 4th aliyah), with a hand on each side of its mouth, I opened the mouth wide and stuck my nose between its jaws – like a feat of accomplishment.

The snake tried to bite down, but through some maneuver faster than thought, my hands were now at its midsection and the snake bit down on its own tail – like the ouroboros and teli.

Then, again through some maneuver faster than thought, my hands were on either side of its mouth. I again opened its mouth wide. This time, however, I ripped the snake into two equal parts, holding one half of the snake in each of my hands. Dangling the halves (see banner – flagpole) through the air (see alef) as they hung יי in my hands from my outstretched arms יהיה (see hands of Moshe and yihyeh), I stood between the pieces (see Avraham & covenant between the pieces).

I woke up.


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